Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mobile Banking Security


Is Mobile Banking safe?
The VantageSouth Mobile Banking App is secure and our Apps were professionally developed by a team of financial experts specializing in the area of online banking. To ensure the safety of your account information, download our Mobile Apps from reputable sources only, such as the App Store from Apple or Google Play.


Do we store your personal mobile information?
We do not store your username or password. 128-bit encryption masks your sensitive information. Be sure to close your Mobile App once you have completed your session.


What if your device is lost or stolen?
If your device has been lost or stolen and you have activated mobile banking with us, we encourage you to deactivate your mobile banking account as soon as possible. You have the ability to deactivate your account by logging in to your Online Banking account from your computer or tablet and selecting the "managing your mobile settings" option. We recommend you contact your mobile phone service provider to help you deactivate your mobile service.


Can I use public WiFi with Mobile Banking?
We advise you to never use public wifi to access your banking accounts. Public wifi's or “hot spots” are not a secure environment as cybercriminals may be monitoring public wifi to steal your account information. It's important to understand this whether you are using your smartphone, computer, or tablet as it can be an issue while using any wifi enabled device.


If you need any assistance, please contact us at toll-free 1.855.8VS.BANK (1-855-887-2265). Or stop by your local branch and they can assist you personally.

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